Facility Rules

Please adhere to the following rules in order to maintain a healthy, positive learning environment:

1.   An Annual Registration must be paid prior to signing up for any class.  Active members must re-register every twelve months.
2.   Make-up lessons will be honored only when you are an active paid member and when arrangements are made prior to the absence.  Make-up classes

     must bearranged by appointment and then only if regular classes are not full.  Make-ups must be attended within four weeks of the missed class.  For vacation 

      weeks, (Spring Break, July 4th week, and two weeks at Christmas) which are not part of our sessions, NO make-up classes are given.
3.    If for any reason you wish to switch your child’s day or time, this must also go through the front desk.  Once, again, not all classes have room for additional 

      students.  Your child must attend the class he/she is signed up for.  Please do not bring a student to class is he/she is sick.  Call the office and we will gladly 

      reschedule a time when he/she is feeling better.
4.    No parents or students allowed behind the front desk.
5.    Parents, please refrain from distracting students while in class.  This includes waving, coaching or yelling out.
6.    Students must arrive on time for class and will not be permitted to enter class if more than 10 minutes late.  If there are no students in attendance after 20    

       minutes, the class will be cancelled and make-ups will need to be scheduled.
7.    No jewelry allowed except post earrings.
8.    Eating and drinking are only permitted in the snack room. 
9.    Only registered Academy students are allowed in dance studios or on gym equipment.
10.  Siblings of students should be supervised by an adult at all times and are not allowed inside dance studios or on any gym equipment.
11.  Students should be appropriately dressed for physical activity.  Gymnastics clothing should be close fitting, but not restrictive to the participant’s range of

      movement.  Boys may wear comfortable athletic clothing. Shoes and socks should be removed before class.  Also, long hair must be tied up.  Please avoid 

      wearing buckles, snaps, or jewelry.  Dancers should read the dance guidelines on the schedule.
12.  Please take note of Communications that are placed on the information boards at the entrance and office areas. We also send information to you by email

      and by way of your little student. (Hand out)
13.  Disruptive students will be removed from the class and may be asked not to return.  Profanity will not be tolerated.
14.  Accompany young children to the restrooms. Help us to keep restrooms clean and neat.  Also, young people, not participating in class, are not to be left 

       alone without parental supervision.  Volusia Academy will not accept responsibility for them.
15.  Little brothers and sisters that are observing must not be a distraction to the class nor should they be allowed to wander into the activity areas.  Please

       watch these children closely.  Any students waiting for the next class should also sit quietly in the appropriate areas.  At no time is anyone other than Volusia

      Academy personnel and their immediate class allowed in the activity area or on the equipment.
16.  Please use the designated viewing areas to watch your child and avoid standing along the wall.
17.  Any concerns with instructors, facility or learning environment should be reported through the front desk to set up a proper conference time with the

18.  Please help us promote a clean safe family atmosphere.   We want this to be a place for developing fitness, finding friends, and having fun.